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Perfect Fit Blinds

An amazing type of blind for uPVC windows, doors and conservatories. Perfect Fit blinds are so neat they become part of your window frames. 

A great solution for windows opening inwards or french doors, where other blind types may cause problems practically.  If you have tilt and turn windows these are the blinds for you.  Read our blog about tilt and turn windows for comprehensive information.

These blinds require no drilling due to the way they simply clip directly onto your window. Once the clips are in place a frame is added which holds the blinds. The frames come in a range of colours including white, brown, anthracite grey, golden oak and mahogany to match your window frames & sills which gives the effect that it is part of the window.


Fitting doesn't take long and the overall effect is stunning.

Electric Blue Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds
Perfect Fit Roller Anthracite Frame
Electric Blue Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds
Perfect Fit Venetian French Doors Dark Grey
Bi Fold Perfect Fit Blinds
Blue Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds
Perfect Fit Roller Blinds Conservatory
Perfect Fit Venetian
Perfect Fit Venetian
Perfect Fit Venetian
Perfect Fit for French Doors
Perfect Fit with Golden Oak Frame
Perfect Fit with Golden Oak Frame
Perfect Fit with Golden Oak Frame
Perfect Fit Venetian in Truth
Perfect Fit in Wood Effect
Perfect Fit for French doors
Perfect Fit French Doors
Perfect Fit Roller Blinds
Perfect Fit French doors

How are Perfect Fit blinds actually fitted?

We've decided to put together a bit of an explanation as to how these innovative blinds are fitted to your doors and windows.

Free blinds measuring
  • Once we have taken the important measurements of your window or door and your blind has been made, we complete the manufacturing process by building the blind/frame on site, at your property.  Any adjustments to tension in the blind can be made with ease before fitting to your window or door.

Perfect Fit Blinds clips
  • With the Perfect Fit frame and blind completely assembled, it's time for us to position the clips behind the rubber beading of your window or door.  With these clips, there is no need for any screwing or drilling to the window. You can see in this picture how neatly the clip attaches to the window or door.

Perfect Fit Blind fitting
  • Usually your windows or doors will require 2 or 3 of these clips per side.  With the clips in place, it's time for us to attach the blind frame to these clips.  We ensure the Perfect Fit blind is lined up and level, at this point, before testing out the functionality of the blinds.

Perfect Fit Blinds Dunfermline
  • With the blinds fitted, your windows and door are transformed.  You can now control the light and privacy to suit your needs.  If your doors or windows open in or out, these blinds will move with them as neatly as your window does. Should you need to clean your window fully or need to remove the Perfect Fit blind at any time, they can be released from the clips with ease.

We offer free quotes for Perfect Fit blinds in Dunfermline, Fife and Kinross.  If you would like to arrange free no obligation quote please contact us via our appointment page below or Call directly on 01383 725406

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