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Faux Wooden and Wooden Venetian Blinds

Faux wooden blinds have become the most popular type of venetian blind over the past few years.  We feel this is because they provide the same look and finish to your room as wooden venetian blinds do, with a couple of added benefits.  Our Faux wooden blinds are made to the same standard as the wooden blinds.  Made from high quality rigid PVC with all the same finishes and accessories available.  Unlike the wooden blinds, the faux wooden blind range are moisture resistant; hence they don't warp or fade on being exposed to humidity, making them ideal for high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens.  Very effective for keeping heating in to your home these blinds are available in 35mm or 50mm slat widths.  With a sophisticated wood grain or smooth finish there a number of colours to compliment any room.


Child safety is of paramount importance. Every Sunwood blind is manufactured to the highest standard and in line with Child Safety legislation EN13120, giving you peace of mind that your Sunwood blind is child safe.


The addition of elegant tapes can add luxury, style and character to your crafted Sunwood blind. Thirty-two hand-picked tapes are available. Compliment or contrast your tape colour to transform your interior space. Unique flat weave tapes add a stunning finish with a contemporary collection of colours.

The Sunwood wooden blinds collection offers unprecedented choice in luxury wood venetians with 5 diverse and beautifully crafted ranges.

Embracing the rustic beauty of wood's naturally textured grain is the Sunwood Soft Grain collection, whilst refined beauty is offered in the classic wood stains and contemporary painted colours contained within the Essential collection.

At the heart of Sunwood range is the environment, striving to ensure the wood is sourced from sustainable forests and guaranteed that every blind is manufactured child safe. Not only does Sunwood care about the world we live in, but also about the interior you live in. Wood is a natural insulator, our blinds help keep the cold out during the winter months while the white painted woods reflect the sun and keep your interior space cool during the summer.

Faux wooden venetian blind fitted in Edinburgh

Faux Wooden Blinds fitted inside recess

Faux wooden venetian blind fitted in Dunfermline

Faux Wooden Blinds fitted outside recess

How are Faux/Wood Venetian blinds fitted?


This type of blind can be fitted inside the window recess and if required or desired, outside of the window recess.  The blind will be secured at either end with strong metal brackets.  Larger, heavier blinds, will be fitted with the appropriate number of mid-support brackets.  A pelmet completes the look of the blind at the top, hiding the headrail of the blind to give a sleek finish.  When fitting outside of the recess the blind will be boxed in with the pelmet to hide the brackets. (See pictures above).  Cord tidy brackets will be fitted to the window recess, to keep your cord neat and child safe, when the blind is pulled up.

We offer free quotes for faux wooden and wooden venetian blinds in Dunfermline, Fife, Kinross and Edinburgh.  If you would like to arrange free no obligation quote please contact us via our appointment page below or Call directly on 01383 725406

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