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Inside Recess Vs. Outside Recess

Not sure where to have your blinds fitted?

Inside the Window Recess Vs. Outside the Window Recess

We encounter this issue every day that we provide a quote. When we're out and about giving out free blinds quotes in Dunfermline or Fife and Kinross, we always have to address the question of fitting inside or outside the recess.

Basically the blinds that work well inside the recess are: * Roller Blinds * Venetian Blinds * Vertical Blinds * Roman Blinds

Advantages of fitting your blind inside the recess: Sleek appearance, ideal for modern and minimal interiors Less gap between the window and the blind results in less external light coming in Often easier to install than on the wall above the window

Disadvantages would occur if your windows open inwards or if you wanted to allow as much light in as possible when the blind is fully up. (Fitting outside the recess will mean when the blind is fully pulled up all external light can shine in).

You may not have a choice to fit inside the recess if it is not deep enough or if your windows open inwards. That's where we come in and help you with your choice. We will advise the best solution for your recess. All blinds are made to measure for a perfect fit.

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